Kohls Feedback Survey – www.kohlsfeedback.com,
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The Kohls Feedback Survey at www.kohlsfeedback.com is one of the best department store surveys you can complete. Not only can you give them valuable feedback to improve the great services at Kohls, but you will also receive a Free 10% Off Coupon to use when you next shop at Kohls.

To complete the Kohls Survey go to www.kohlsfeedback.com and enter the 4 digit store code and access code printed on your receipt.

You may have also heard about the Kohls Feedback Sweepstakes which offer participants the chance at winning a Grand Prize of $1000 in cash when you complete the Kohls Feedback Survey mentioned above.

The Kohls Feedback Survey at www.kohlsfeedback.com does not run all of the time so you need to keep your eye out for when it runs and get your entry in as soon as possible. For more information see the Kohls Customer Survey Sweepstakes rules.

As with all department store surveys you must be 18 years or older to complete the survey.